Cycling is the Key to Good Health and Rest

The modern world is arranged in such a way that the average person spends most of his time in the office, at the computer, or driving a car. In the frantic pace of modern life, it is very difficult to devote time to your own health and lead an active lifestyle. We invite you to consider cycling as an affordable way for everyone to keep your body in good shape and an opportunity to spend your free time in a fun and useful way.

Basic Information About Cycling and its Benefits for Humans

Cycling dates back to the 19th century when two-wheeled vehicles began to become fashionable among the French nobility. The first bicycle race took place in 1868 in one of the parks of Paris.
Since then, cycling riding has gained in popularity and has established itself as one of the most rewarding and enjoyable sports. Professional cycling, like any other professional sport, is inextricably linked to injury and self-restraint. We invite you to consider amateur cycling, which is used by millions of people around the world, as a way to keep fit and healthy.

The main benefits of cycling are:

  • Accessibility and simplicity – at any age and with any degree of physical fitness, you can start cycling and put your body in order.
  • Variety – you can take daily walks around the city on road bikes. If you are a big nature lover, then you can buy a special mountain bike and make regular cross-country trips that will help develop your physical abilities while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding view.
  • Calorie burning and muscle tone – during calm and slow cycling for an hour, about 220 calories are burned. In addition, when riding, various muscles are involved. The cyclist works not only the muscles of the legs. The muscles of the press, back, arms and shoulders also receive a uniform load from riding. This makes cycling an extremely rewarding and enjoyable pastime.
  • Benefits for the environment – if you live in a small town or close to your place of work and other places where you are accustomed to getting by car, then try using a bicycle instead of a car. Many European cities have noted a significant reduction in air pollution with the massive use of bicycles. By swapping out your car for a bike whenever possible, you not only save the environment but also save a significant amount on fuel and car maintenance. Not to mention the benefits for your body.
  • Improved cardiovascular and circulatory health – Regular cycling exercises the heart muscle and improves blood flow, which helps to cope with pressure problems and other chronic diseases.
  • Pleasant leisure – you can organize an unforgettable vacation for the whole family if you take a bike ride together. Children and adults alike could get a great experience together during a trip outside the city in the fresh air.

Choose Your Riding Style and Suitable Bike

To start a productive and rewarding cycling session, you need to decide what kind of trips you are going to make. For regular movement around the city, from work to home and to the store, or for attending events within the city, a road bike is suitable. You could find a bike that suits you in stores that are widely represented in shopping centers and on the Internet. These bikes are lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to keep such a bike in a city apartment.

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If you live in the countryside or are going to bike out of the city, then you need to get a mountain bike that is equipped with special wheels and shock absorbers that will help you overcome obstacles when driving in the mountains and off-road.
For family trips, you could purchase special children’s bikes that are equipped with extra wheels.
For romantic walks in the evening parks, double bicycles are very popular, which require simultaneous pedaling from partners, which allows you to achieve harmony and mutual understanding.

Take Care of the Safety of Your Bike Rides

Make sure your bike and gear are suitable for the type of trip you choose. Quality pedals, frames, and brakes are essential elements for a rewarding and enjoyable cycling experience. When riding at speed, you will need a helmet and protection for your knees and elbows. In the event of a fall off your bike, they will help protect your body from injury.
Pay attention to the right bike saddle. It depends on whether your landing is correct. This affects the position of your pelvis and back. In the case of an incorrectly selected type and height of the seat, you could injure your back and hurt the muscles of the pelvis during riding.

Upgrade Your Bike and Use Modern Technology

You have the opportunity to constantly improve your bike by replacing parts with better ones based on your needs. For faster driving, you can always equip your vehicle with an electronic motor, which will allow you to reach more speed, but requires more concentration and coordination while riding.

To track your route, use special mini-computers that are attached to the steering wheel, wheels, or a special bracelet. The data collected by such a device allows you to calculate the average speed, the slope of the road, the distance covered and the number of calories burned during the ride. Such devices are very popular among fans of a healthy lifestyle.

Discover the World of Cycling and Enjoy!

Having gained experience in cycling, you can take part in amateur cycling races and even special bike marathons. Some of these amateur races even have their own prize pool and a permanent audience of spectators. Preparing for such competitions naturally takes time and effort. Who knows, maybe by taking part in such races you will decide to become a professional athlete.
Along with participating in cycling races, watching broadcasts of popular cycling competitions is an extremely exciting activity. The most popular among spectators is the Tour de France, held annually in the picturesque places of France. Such broadcasts sometimes gather an audience of millions.

Discover cycling and it will change your life forever!