Variety and Entertainment of Mountain Bike Competitions

Many cycling enthusiasts focus their attention on prestigious road cycling races because of their spectacle and beautiful scenery. This type of cycling competition, like mountain biking, is also held on picturesque landscapes and is more spectacular and beautiful in the broadest sense of the word. Let’s get acquainted with the types of mountain bike competitions and how they are attractive to spectators.

Types and Differences of Popular Mountain Bike Competitions

In general, mountain competitions are championships in overcoming distances with obstacles on a dirt road. Such tournaments are divided into the following types:

  • The bicycle trial is a spectacular race in which athletes need to overcome a dirt track with artificial and natural obstacles without relying on their arms and legs.
  • Dirt jumping – such tournaments are held on special BMX bikes that are designed to perform tricks. Participants of such tournaments need to overcome obstacles and springboards while performing virtuoso tricks while in the air. Such competitions are extremely spectacular and have many fans around the world.
  • Slopestyle is a cycling event that focuses on performing tricks. Participants bounce on springboards to perform acrobatic etudes in the air.
  • The street is an extreme type of cycling, which involves fast and risky driving along the city streets and overcoming obstacles.
  • Cross-country – such tournaments involve overcoming the track with many obstacles, descents, and steep climbs. Participants are required to have a helmet and an improved bicycle designed for dynamic loads.
  • Downhill – in such contests, athletes compete in downhill skiing. The winner is the one who manages to maintain the highest speed and shows a high degree of bike control on steep descents.
  • Biker cross – four cyclists participate in such races at the same time, whose task is to be the first to reach the finish line along a steep mountain descent. The regulations of such tournaments provide for contact between athletes, which is associated with injuries and entertainment.
  • Freeride – from the name it follows that the cyclist is given the opportunity to choose any route from start to finish on a dirt road. Often such tournaments take place in picturesque forests. Spectators can enjoy the beautiful views and the ingenuity of the athletes.
  • Uphill – the task of the athletes to be the first to reach the finish line, which is at the top of a steep climb. To participate in such contests, the bike must be lighter than 10 kilograms.
  • North Shore – such tournaments offer participants to overcome tracks with special artificial obstacles in the form of logs, bridges, and stumps. Such tournaments require a high degree of concentration and cycling skills.

Watch Mountain Bike Competitions and Get Unforgettable Emotions!

After watching the usual popular cycling races, such championships are like a breath of fresh air. At the moment, this branch of cycling is gaining more and more popularity, especially among young people. If you have long wanted to discover something new in the world of extreme sports, then mountain biking is your choice!